Ganges – Holy trail

By Athar Khan / Photo : Athar Khan / Creative: Sanober AhmedPublished: August 30, 2015

During the month of August, Kanwariyas can be spotted on the roads of northern India. Devotees of the Hindu god Shiva, Kanwariyas bathe in the Ganges and carry the water, believed to be holy, from the river to their hometowns in special pots and pot-holders.

The pots cannot be placed on the ground and are hung on tree branches or any other supportive material during the journey on foot. Locals offer Kanwariyas food and water on their journey, which is known as Kanwar yatra and lasts a month. In New Delhi, where these Kanwariyas (pictured)were spotted, at least 300,000 pilgrims were expected by August 5.

Athar Khan is a photographer at The Express Tribune.

Published in The Express Tribune, Sunday Magazine, August 30th, 2015.