What is this website about?

This is the work of a group of Indian and Pakistani journalists, who share their reporting from their own countries and across their borders.

How Did It Come About?

The journalists have taken part in a project sponsored by the East-West Center of Honolulu, Hawaii, to create reporting that links the journalists of India and Pakistan, that helps them to share insights about their countries, and that offers a place to update their skills and to improve their profession. For more about us, go to the About page.

What will you find here?

You will find reporting that took place when these reporters traveled to India or Pakistan to provide a human face and voice to stories that help understand the people of these two countries. This reporting is continuing with stories from across the borders. The stories are produced by teams working on similar themes in their home countries.

What is the interest for others, especially journalists?

Here is a place where you can learn and gain from the journalists as they share their work, and interests. Across the globe, journalism changes almost daily and journalists need and want to be part of this change.

What is the language of this website?

It is in English, but because it is the work of journalists from across India and Pakistan, it is open to the languages of these countries. Journalists from both nations are the editors and contributors of this website.

So, please share a cup of chai, taste a samosa, try a curry (spicey please) and enjoy  the work of these journalists as they tell stories across borders.

Tell us what you think. Tell us how we can help our profession and our communities.

Namaste. Assalam 0 alaikum