We couldn’t eat beef this whole year. One kilogram of beef cost 550 taka which is beyond our wildest dreams. I went to collect beef which is given to the poor by the wealthy households with my younger son Sumon early in the morning. Here for the Eid-ul-Azha the richer people sacrifice a cow and divide it into thirds and give one third to the poor. I was not able to go to many houses because it was raining from the morning onward. It’s also difficult to wait in the lines for hours with my little son. After the whole day, collecting pieces of beef from door to door and waiting in the lines, I managed to collect 1kg of meat. My elder son and daughter are waiting for me at our makeshift house. They have not eaten anything since last night. After I will return home, I will prepare Chapatti and beef for them. We kept waiting for this Eid-ul-Azha to come! Only then can we manage to eat some meat! – Najma 25 From Pakistan